Safe grill brushes

Are you still using a bristle brush to clean your grill? Stop! Don’t do it!

The wire bristle brushes, while quick and effective, can be dangerous. This problem is so serious Health Canada is assessing the idea of banning the sale of the brushes.

Bristle grill brushes are made of tiny, sturdy wires. The wires can get stuck in your food and unknowingly ingested.  If that happens, you might end up under the knife.

That’s right. The bristles can get lodged in your throat and, in extreme cases, surgery is necessary to remove them.

I’m not saying you should stop grilling or start wrapping everything in foil. I’m just saying there are other options for cleaning your grill.

  1. Grill razors.

  • These are metal (usually stainless steel) razors attached to a handle. They’re great for scraping caked-on grease and burnt food.
  • Big pro: they’re inexpensive. Unfortunate con: they are small so they are time-consuming.
  • Check out The Grillr by Skrapr.
  1. Wooden scrapers.

  • Simple, function-over-form design. These look like hand-held slabs of wood in the shape of a paddle, and that’s basically what they are. At a moderate price point, they are a desirable option.
  • Big pro: they’re made of natural wood. A couple of cons: the handle is uncomfortable to hold and you need to use a lot of elbow grease.
  1. Wire coil brushes.

(Pictured: Brushtech’s Quad Spring Double-Helix Bristle-Free BBQ Brush)

  • These ones became a quick customer favourite, despite being top-dollar. (About $35 Canadian) They come in different shapes, but they all have long wires wrapped around springs. They bend and move to fit the grooves of your grill.
  • Big pro: fast and effective. Con: Well, I haven’t found one yet. Maybe price? I’ll keep you posted.

Disclaimer: the coil brushes are new to the market. It’s possible they don’t last long. But as of this moment, they’re my kitchen pick.

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