Cookware cleaning

Step aside dishcloth. There are better cleaning tools for the kitchen.

It might be easier to throw everything into the dishwasher, but not every kitchen tool is dishwasher safe. And it’s important to remember that “dishwasher safe” doesn’t mean “dishwasher proof.” The high temperatures and harsh dishwasher detergents can drastically decrease the life of your cookware.


nat brush

Natural fibre brushes

These are a great alternative to plastic. If you are trying to decrease the plastics in your kitchen, these plant fibre brushes are the way to go.

They don’t last as long as their nylon counterparts, but they are a more ecological option.



Dish brushes

Brushes are a great time-saver. If you only have a handful of dishes to wash, you can squeeze some dish soap on them, add a little water and wash those dishes in a flash. Joseph Joseph makes one that you can hang on the side of your sink for easy, sanitary drying.

If you own cast iron, pick a dish brush like the one pictured. It has a built-in scraper on the end to tackle those stuck on foods with ease.





Scrapers work at quickly removing large chunks of burnt, stuck-on food. A plastic scraper is pictured, but they also come in wood. They’re my kitchen pick for cleaning cast iron and can even help you clean your oven faster.

Remember to make sure to use these on something that has cooled completely.


metal cleaners


Metal cleaners

Steel wool (and other steel cleaning cloths) are abrasive. They’re great for cleaning stuck-on grease from stainless steel and aluminum cookware. They can do the job with less elbow grease.

Copper cleaning cloths are gentler. They’re great for keeping the outside of your metal cookware sparkly clean and are less likely to scratch. Although copper is a softer metal, they still aren’t recommended for things like non-stick surfaces.



Plastic scrubbers

These are great for cleaning non-stick surfaces and glass or ceramic stove tops. They scrub better than a dishtowel but are soft enough to not scratch sensitive surfaces.

Pictured here is “World’s Best Pot Scrubbers” and I have to tell you, they are just what the name implies. I use one as my regular dish cloth. It decreases elbow grease and doesn’t scratch (as long as it is used wet). It scours so well that I wouldn’t recommend it for cast iron as it can take off the pan’s seasoning.

If that’s not enough, you can wash them in your dishwasher (top rack)!

“World’s Best Pot Scrubbers” are my overall cleaning kitchen pick.


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  1. Bre says:

    I love the “World’s Best Pot Scrubber!” I have them all over the house!


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