How to peel and grate ginger

Ginger’s grate. (See what I did there?)

Bad puns aside, ginger is healthy, delicious and a pain to grate—if you don’t have the right tool. In this post, I’ll show you the best ginger grater. I’ll also show you a ginger peeling hack.

Before we get to grating that great gastronomical root, let’s peel it with a spoon. Yeah, you read right. A spoon.

Hold the ginger in one hand, and the handle of the spoon in the other like this:

ginger peel

Now pull the edge of the spoon over the peel of the ginger. You’ll have more control than if you use a vegetable peeler, and it wastes less of the flesh. Trust me. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

ginger peeled

Now that the root is peeled, you could try to grate it with your cheese grater, but you’d end up with a stringy mess.

I highly recommend you pick up a ceramic ginger grater. It doesn’t look like much but it works like a dream. You can pick one up at any cookware store. I’ve even seen them in Chinatown grocery stores. Anywhere you find them, they’re inexpensive. I picked this one up for under five bucks. Even if you only use ginger for a couple of your favourite recipes, it’s worth the investment.

ginger grated

As you can see, it pulverizes the ginger and extracts the juices. It produces the perfect ginger for adding to tea, soups, sauces, curries—anything, really.

Leave the metal graters in your cupboard and pick up a ceramic grater for your ginger.

Spoons and ceramic ginger graters are my kitchen picks for ginger.

ginger cover

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