How to clean a garlic press

A lot of people, including professional chefs, don’t like garlic presses. They say they’d rather just chop the garlic with a knife.

While using a knife is faster, garlic presses have a place in the kitchen.

Nothing beats pressed garlic for a recipe you don’t cook. Garlic presses extract the juice from the garlic, helping the flavour blend if you aren’t cooking it.

It’s perfect for things like hummus, tzatziki, or salad dressings.

ANNNNND you don’t have to peel the cloves!

If you chop the garlic, you’ll often get bites with a ton of garlic flavour and bites with mild garlic flavour.

On the other hand, I find pressed garlic cooks and caramelizes too quickly when cooked. Nothing ruins a great pasta sauce or stir fry like absolutely charred garlic.

If you don’t have a fancy garlic press that comes with a cleaner, there’s a simple solution: use a toothpick.

You can poke the bits right out of the holes, and even use it to get the peel out of the teeth.

I made this video to show you how:


As an added bonus, my trusty sidekick also demos the Garlic Zoom by Chef’n. While it’s not my favourite tool, it’s great if you have young cheflings in the kitchen helping you cook.

(That laughter in the video is entirely genuine.)

So there you have it. Do your fave hummus recipe a favour and use some pressed garlic. It’s amazing.


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